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Site based consultation encompasses a wide scope of services designed to reduce the challenges educational professionals face by increasing knowledge and awareness, delivered at your location. Service includes but is not limited to student observation, research based staff trainings, job embedded coaching, and supplemental materials including lesson plans and relevant data collection forms. Periodic follow-up is provided at each district’s chosen location. Follow-up includes but is not limited to observations

Our Goal: Student growth in academic and behavior due to an increased staff understanding within their needed area.

On-Site: Training length is contingent upon district need. Individual, group or large group size available


  • Special Education Overview: Definition, Areas of Eligibility, Characteristics
  • Curriculum: Modifications for Special Education
  • Successful Co-Teaching: General & Special Education
  • Structured Teaching: Approaches and Implementation
  • Quality IEP Development & Implementation
  • Modifying the Curriculum for Exceptional Learners
  • Data Driven Accommodation & Modification Selection in the Total School Environment
  • Effective use of Social Stories: Age Appropriate & Targeted
  • Communication Boards: Design and Implementation
  • Structuring an Effective Classroom: General, Inclusive & Special Needs
  • Effective Data Collection Systems: Design, Implementation, Analysis
  • Writing: Graphic Organizers to Foster Independence & Work Completion
  • Creation and Structure of a Successful Inclusive Classroom
  • Creating and Structure of s Successful Resource Classroom
  • The Initial Placement Process


Behavior: Refer to Behavior Page for Additional Information

  • Behavioral Analysis: Effective Practice & Implementation
  • Crisis Intervention: Approaches and Processing in General Education
  • Effective Positive Reinforcement Systems for All Students
  • Increasing Expressive Language to Decrease Repetitive Behaviors in General Education

Dyslexia (NJ State Mandated for Professional Development): Refer to Dyslexia Page for Additional Information

  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Fostering Independent Reading
  • Reading Comprehension: Increasing Comprehension w/ Visual Support

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Refer to Autism Page for Additional Information

  • Stopping Meltdowns
  • Characteristics
  • Education
  • Quality IEP Development & Implementation
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Systems & Application
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Effective Teaching Practices
  • Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan Development & Implementation
  • Successful Transition

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