Consultative Services

Our Company’s Blended Delivery Approach

Educating students with disabilities in an inclusive school setting can present challenges. Many of the best educational professionals lack formal training in special education, which can cause the challenges disabled students present to seem like insurmountable obstacles at times. Our staff’s years of expertise in all facets of special education are tailored and delivered to meet the specific needs of each district we serve. Districts have the choice between on-site consultative service delivery, virtual delivery, or hybrid delivery; a combination of on-site and online. Please call us for additional information.

The type and delivery of our consultative services are specific to each district’s need. Whether it’s observing one problematic student or providing on-site staff training in understanding the seemingly senseless behaviors students on the Autism Spectrum exhibit, we can equip staff with the knowledge and tools needed to diminish any obstacle. Our company exists to help teachers face these challenges head on, armed with the knowledge needed to recognize and understand each and every disability area. We can do this because we bring to you years of research, experience and practical application of the most successful strategies in special education. All of our staff members are currently licensed special educators, behavior specialists, and/or administrators in the state of New Jersey.

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